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ComputorEdge Online is now dedicated to the Free Windows Scripting Language AutoHotkey, which should be a part of every Windows user's computing. It is the single most powerful and flexible tool for anyone who regularly uses Windows computers. Not only does it quickly and easily add valuable features to all of your Windows programs, but it keeps your brain nimble as you create and build new innovative ways to make your life simpler.

If you've ever considered learning more about computers or developing programming skills, then there is no easier way to get started than AutoHotkey. For example, using only one line in a Notepad file, you can instantly add a shortcut for entering your e-mail address anywhere. (See this introductory page!)

"While it's simple to get started, AutoHotkey has the power to write full-blown apps, such as those shown on our AutoHotkey Apps page. What starts with a few simple Hotkeys and Hotstrings soon expands into an addiction—at least it has for me."

    —Jack Dunning

See These Dedicated ComputorEdge AutoHotkey Pages

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For Getting Started with AutoHotkey

• Introduction to AutoHotkey: A Review and Guide for Beginners
For those wondering if AutoHotkey is right for them, this beginning AutoHotkey page gives an overview of the free Windows scripting language with examples of how it can help any Windows user.

• AutoHotkey Versus AutoIt: "A Comparison and Review of the Free Windows Scripting Languages"
Not sure which free Windows scripting language (AutoIt or its offspring AutoHotkey) suits you best? They each have their own advantages. Check out this side-by-side review of capabilities.

• Installing AutoHotkey and Writing Your First Script
Ready to get started with AutoHotkey? Here is a quick start tutorial to get you up and running within minutes.

• "What the Various Built-in AutoHotkey Graphic Pop-up Windows Look Like!"
While the online AutoHotkey documentation tells you everything you need to know about the AutoHotkey Graphic User Interface (GUI) window controls (pop-up Images), it doesn't show how they look. take a glance at what they look like and how to use them. This introductory page may spark some ideas.

Free AutoHotkey Scripts

• Free AutoHotkey Scripts and Apps for Learning and Generating Ideas
We've accumulated a number of AutoHotkey scripts which demonstrate the various features of the free Windows utility language. Described on this page, downloads are offered for each one free.

• Add AutoCorrection to All Your Windows PC Programs with AutoHotkey
Unlike most other AutoCorrect features, the AutoHotkey AutoCorrect app works in any Windows program or Web page editing field. Easy to modify and tailor to your needs, this universal script offers many must-have tools to every Windows user.

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Tip: AutoHotkey is great for instant correction of commonly misspelled words,but fixing grammar problems is not so easy. For that try the free version of Grammarly proofreader and grammar corrector. (Note: Grammarly is a ComputorEdge Software Partner.)
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AutoHotkey Appointment Reminder App How-to
This page specifically addresses the Reminder app written in AutoHotkey code. Its iterations demonstrates a number of different capabilities.

AutoHotkey QuickLinks Menu App
Jack uses this AutoHotkey QuickLinks script on a regular basis. He no longer needs to search for favorite Web sites or needed programs. A click of the first special mouse button (XButton1) pops up the menu which directly lauches his most used sites and apps.

• ComputorEdge AutoHotkey Download Page
Since Dropbox has become so unreliable as a download page, the AutoHotkey Apps Page does double duty as the download page.

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    How AutoHotkey Works

    • How AutoHotkey Processes a Script
    Debuggng scripts often requires an understanding of how AutoHotkey processes a file. Sometimes simply moving code to the proper location in a script fixes the problem. This page (plus the series Beginner’s Guide to How AutoHotkey Scripts Work found at Jack's AutoHotkey Blog) offers indepth discussion about how AutoHotkey does things.

    • Introduction to Regular Expressions (RegEx) in AutoHotkey (More advanced topic)
    Regular Expressions (RegEx) offer power and flexibility to your scripts, but may give you a brain sprain. This introduction may help you decide whether or not to add RegEx to your AutoHotkey toolbelt.

    Other Topics

    Best Free Windows Utility Software
    In addition to AutoHotkey (Jack's favorite), there are a number of other free Windows programs which will make your computing life easier. Check these out!

    Free Software for Reading E-Books on Your Computer
    Reading e-books on your computer or other device has never been easier. If you don't already own a free eReader, then take a look at these programs.

    How to Download and Read Free E-books
    No internet connection required when using e-books. Plus, many free offerings can be found. Learn more about how to read e-books with your computer or other device.

    Kindle Fire Versus the Apple iPad
    While the Amazon Kindle uses a special format, the Kindle Fire can be used with most e-book formats. See this review for a comparison between the Kindle Fire and Apple iPad.

    Jack's AutoHotkey Blog

    Jack's AutoHotkey BlogMy obsession with AutoHotkey has me writing a regular blog (at least once or twice a week). I'm now working with a WordPress blogging site to continue my AutoHotkey work. The best part is that WordPress is free and easy to use. I spend my time digging into the details of various aspects of AutoHotkey script writing.

    I've already explored the expanding topic of "Beginning Hotstring Techniques" and am currently working through a series on the alternative ways to work with Hotkeys. I added a couple more useful AutoHotkey Regular Expression (RegEx) examples (with more planned to expand on the book A Beginner's Guide to Using Regular Expressions in AutoHotkey), and will continue wherever the varied paths take me.

    While I'm doing a series of blogs on AutoHotkey topics, if there is something that you want to see, then either leave a comment on the blog or drop me a line at this special e-mail address. I will do my best to answer as promptly as possible.

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    ComputorEdge Online is an AutoHotkey site exploring the use of the free open source scripting language in all versions of Windows. The goal of ComputorEdge is to help new AutoHotkey users to develop scripts for their Windows computers which will enhance their Windows experience and make them more productive.

    If you have Windows computers and don't use AutoHotkey, you should. It's not that hard and offers tremendous benefits. Plus, it's free.

    From Wally Wang:

    When ComputorEdge closed down the weekly magazine, many people have asked if I'll continue writing somewhere else. For those who want to follow the impact of the latest innovations from Apple and other technology companies, you can read my commentary at If you want to follow my thoughts on the e-book market, visit If you're interested in what I'm doing with iOS programming, visit Finally, if you're just interested in my story-telling and screenwriting ideas, visit, if you like cats, visit, and if you want to read my humorous writings, visit

    Free Software
    Best Free Windows Utility Software Review

    AutoHotkey Books from ComputorEdge E-Books

    AutoHotkey Tricks You Ought To Do With Windows! This e-book includes both many tips and the reference material (Table of Contents and indexes) from the other five AutoHotkey books. Now in its third edition and Free! How to get it free!

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    RegEx AutoHotkeyThis Beginner's Guide to Using Regular Expressions in AutoHotkey is not a beginning level AutoHotkey book, but an introduction to using Regular Expressions in AutoHotkey (or most other programming languages). To get the most from this book you should already have a basic understanding of AutoHotkey (or another programming language). Regular Expressions (RegEx) are a powerful way to search and alter documents without the limitations of most of the standard matching functions. At first, the use of RegEx can be confusing and mysterious. This book clears up the confusion with easy analogies for understanding how RegEx works and examples of practical AutoHotkey applications. "Regular Expressions in AutoHotkey" will take you to the next level in AutoHotkey scripting while adding more flexibility and power to your Windows apps. (This book is available at

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